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Thoughts On Recent Events by Judith Gringorten and Robin Halpern

The recent horrific events throughout the world as well as those in our own backyard, are painful reminders of the extraordinarily stressful times in which we are living.

The dramatic uptick in acts of violence and the divisiveness in our political arenas have created a frightening and unsettling atmosphere. All of this unrest is compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant stress on our social, economic and physical well-being.

PTCNY is committed to addressing these stressful times through our psychotherapy work with individuals as well as with the topical articles we write and the courses we sponsor and/or present.

Please let us know how we may best help you.

Write to us and share your thoughts.

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Judith & Robin
I hope that our therapists and website visitors will consider sharing their concerns and ideas about the precariousness of the safety many are experiencing and/or witnessing.
I believe it is wiser to find as many sanctuaries as possible to
engage in to bolster our coping skills and resilience.
Saber es Poder y Acción

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