Featured Therapist

Featured Therapist:

Every month, PTCNY features one of our member therapists. This month we’d like to introduce you to:

Marilyn Sulzbacker LCSW, DCSW, BCD, CGP

I am so thrilled to be an approved EMDR consultant–for now I can supervise EMDR clinicians seeking their certification or their consultant status–and help spread the wonderful accomplishments of EMDR. I also integrate internal family systems and somatic experiencing/sensorimotor psychotherapy in my EMDR work to accelerate the healing process.

For more than 35 years, I have been a clinician who has worked in a community mental health center, been an educator, and have been in private practice for over 20 years. I have had training in many therapeutic modalities; therefore, I can tailor treatment to best serve your personal needs. Is this theoretical expertise important? Certainly! But, research shows that, regardless of technique, it is the relationship that is most important for a positive therapeutic outcome, and my greatest strength is in establishing an excellent working relationship. I know how to listen in a compassionate, engaging nonjudgmental way. I am genuinely interested and curious about you. I want to know all about you and will help you to develop that same curiosity and interest without extreme self-criticalness. Working with me, you will feel safe, understood and validated. I have been told countless times that “you get me”.

During these stressful despairing-induced times that have overwhelmed our sense of safety, security and connections whether they be with family, friends, fellow workers, or values, let me be your Hope Merchant. I will help you restore your sense of Vitality and enhance your resilience to address these challenges.

We have all developed strategies to help us survive, many of which have become outdated but they are nevertheless embedded in our  neuro-psychological system. I have been trained in ways that will help you unlock this and be in your true self which has always been there. Please follow the link to my profile for a fuller picture of what I have to offer you.


Modes of Treatment:
Individuals, Couples, Group

Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Bipolar Conditions, Career and Work Concerns, Caregiver Stress, Creativity Challenges, Depression, Grief, Separation and Mourning, Health Issues, Interpersonal Issues, Phobias, Separation and Divorce, Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress, Women’s Issues

Therapeutic Modalities:
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy; EMDR; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy; Interpersonal; Cognitive-Behavioral and Short-Term Treatment Therapy, Coherence Therapy