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Ideas For Coping With The Recent Tragic Events For Parents & Adults By Janet A. Geller

Much attention and care has been given to our children concerning how to cope with the horrific recent events in Buffalo and Texas, and rightly so. There has been media focus, advice, counselors available and more; all of which have been helpful and essential.

But what about the parents and other adults?

With the need to help convey to our children something that is so hard for them to understand, adults may forget about how important it is to take care themselves as well.

This self-care includes both self-soothing and nurturance from others.

I am suggesting that we take time to grieve however we wish; to acknowledge and pay attention to our feelings; a time to care for each other; a time to care for ourselves. We all need to find our own way.

Here are a few suggestions that may prove helpful and give you some ideas:

Indulge in something that you enjoy which might be a movie; dinner out; a get-together with friends.

Or time alone, even if it’s just 15 minutes; a walk; time in nature; buy yourself a small gift, go to a ball game; talk with someone you care about.

Think about what YOU need, what will help YOU.

Because helping ourselves will also help us to help our children.

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So true! As instructed by the airlines, the adult needs to put the oxygen mask on first, so they’re able to help their child.
It’s crucial that the parent gets whatever support is necessary so they can be available to their child.

Judith Gringorten

I absolutely agree with Robin Halpern in her writing about how important a topic this is. All adults, parents and otherwise must focus on their own mental health to be available for the needs of our youth.

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