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Here’s An Interesting New Spin On Birdwatching Or “Birding” As It’s Also Referred To

I’ve always loved watching birds, to be distinguished from birdwatching.

I don’t use binoculars.

I’m not particularly interested in identifying the birds.

I enjoy the birdsong.

While admiring their beauty, I’ve always been struck by how they appear to move among us humans with ease.

I’m also struck by the gentleness with which they seem to go about the business of daily living.

The ability to fly gives them a freedom we don’t have. And the way they flock together gives the appearance of cooperation and unity, something we humans often find very difficult.

Clink on link below to read the article by author Allyson Aleksey in Nice News to learn more about how birding may actually serve as a serious boost to one’s mental health, helping with feelings of depression and anxiety.

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