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Can Hypnosis Be Helpful When Experienced Virtually? by Brigitte E. Lifschitz, LCSW

This is a question I get asked frequently these days. How can one really experience hypnosis when done with Skype or FaceTime? Surprisingly, even while working with a screen, the experience can be quite successful for both the patient and the therapist. The patient finds a comfortable place to sit or lie down, usually at home. As long as the computer/iPad or phone is placed so that the therapist can watch the patient, it is possible to time the breathing and the suggestions to the responses from the patient. This can be accomplished even when the he/she is not in the same room. Of course, it is generally better to see the patient in person, but the last 2 years have shown us that hypnosis, along with talk therapy, can be done quite comfortably, even when using a computer or smartphone. The ability to perform hypnosis virtually, has helped many people who have trouble commuting to the therapist’s office or who live too far away.

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