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PTCNY Launches New Website

Welcome to the newly renovated website for the Psychotherapy and Training Collective of NY, also referred to as PTCNY.

We have completely redesigned our website and would like to mention that all of our website photographs were taken by our members.

PTCNY is made up of psychotherapists from NY (as well as several other locations) who are very diverse in their work and areas of expertise. On our site you can search for a therapist who fits your criteria, whether it’s a geographic location, an area of expertise, or something in particular that resonates with you as you browse through our therapists’ personal statements.

Additionally, on the website you will find articles written by our members pertaining to various topics in which they have a particular interest and expertise.

Also watch for announcements about both our group and individual members, many of whom teach courses or are involved in other interesting professional ventures.

We will also feature items about our members’ involvement in endeavors beyond the scope of their psychotherapy practice.

So please browse the website and don’t hesitate to contact PTCNY leadership with any questions or comments you may have.