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  James Egen, LCSW
  James Egen, LCSW

PTCNY Featured Member

James Egen, LCSW
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Office Location — Upper West Side

255 W. 92 St. Ste. 2
New York, NY 10025

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Personal Statement

I have been in private practice for over thirty years following my post-graduate training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy. Prior to this I worked as a staff therapist and supervisor in a multi-service agency where much of my work consisted of doing short-term therapy as well as working extensively with couples and families. During and after my training at ICP however, it became apparent to me that of the various theories and practices of psychotherapy, the psychoanalytic/psychodynamic approach offered the most comprehensive and in-depth way of thinking about and understanding human psychology and relationships. It is the approach that most informs my work whether I am doing short-term problem focused therapy, couples therapy, helping people deal with a sudden life crisis or doing longer term treatment.

I consider the most important task I have as a therapist is to help to create an atmosphere in which my patients feel as free and safe as possible to express whatever is on their minds without fear of judgment, or, optimally, even with a fear of judgment. If a person is communicating that he/she is hesitant or anxious about disclosing something about themselves to me, I will want to ask if they are willing to talk about what it is that is making them anxious. I approach this goal – creating a safe space – through careful listening, empathy, active participation and feedback. The relationship and dialogue we develop helps people discover thoughts, emotions, and any number of things about themselves that were previously only vaguely understood or out of awareness entirely.

One of my strong suits is working with patients on their problems within relationships – relationships with partners, friends, siblings, coworkers and bosses, and parent-child relationships of all generations. I also have a lot of experience working with issues of anxiety and depression. In addition to many years in private practice, my professional work has included teaching and supervision of therapists in training.