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Susan Gair
Janet A. Geller, EdD, LCSW, BCD
Office Location — Flatiron District

817 Broadway, 9th floor
New York, New York 10003

Phone Number
917 846 1722


Modes of Treatment
Individual, Couples, Family, Supervision

Age Range of Patients

Insurance Accepted
Self-pay only

Fee Range
$150 — $250

Interpersonal Issues, Relationship Issues, Womens Issues, Sexual Harassment, Trauma and PostTraumatic Stress, Sexual Abuse, Aging, Career and Work Concerns, Depression-no suicidal behaviors, Domestic Abuse

Therapeutic Modalities
Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy,Supportive Psychotherapy Trauma Relief, Short-term Psychotherapy, Treatment of Abusive Behaviors and Survivors of Abuse

The New York State Society of Clinical Social Workers, The Psychotherapy Training Collective of New York, American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, PsychWorks, Coalition of Working With Abusive Partners, National Domestic Violence Services, New York City Task Force on Domestic Violence
Personal Statement

I began my role in social work when I was 15. I was just a teen-ager from working class family and untrained but I belonged to a teen Y program staffed by MSW social workers. The leaders of "The Teen Lounge" as it was referred to, would call on me to make new members welcome, reach out to more introverted kids, etc. The staff said many times, "Janet, you should be a social worker."

The influence of social work on my life continued over the years - camp counselor, camp supervisor and so on. My parents, coming from a working class background, thought I should be a secretary, but my experiences made me determined to pursue my dream. There was no hesitation on my part to pursue this course. I derived much satisfaction and was gratified by helping others.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a part of the CUNY system; otherwise there would not have been money to send me to college. After receiving my MSW on a full scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, I began my 17 years of working in social agencies, always receiving a minimum of one hour of clinical supervision weekly. I was hungry for learning how to be the best helping person I could be. I practiced individual psychotherapy with an adult population until I began what would become my many years of work with teens. The child psychiatrist I received supervision from believed familytherapy would be the most appropriate form of treatment for our teen population and this began my training in that area.

At a later point in my agency career, I became the Clinical Director of a Women's Center whose population was mostly battered women and sexual assault survivors. Trauma was not yet well understood but it was clear the effects of their horrific violations had a lasting impact. Often the abused women in this setting had traditional values and saw their roles as the primary caretakers of their children and husbands. Our clients rejected the available battered women's services which advocated shelter and  making use of the Criminal Justice system; nor did these women want a divorce. They just wanted the abuse to stop.

In the social work tradition of being where the client was, I felt that in order to service 98% of the clients we treated who were abused, a clinical model of treatment needed to be developed. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to develop a treatment model to meet their needs. I eventually wrote a book, Breaking Destructive Patterns: Multiple Strategies for Treating Partner Abuse, published by The Free Press as well a wrote chapters on Domestic Abuse in various publications. In addition, I presented this model at psychological conferences, workshops and other learning venues. I was an Assistant Professor at Columbia University for several years. In addition to my other responsibilities at Columbia, I taught a Women's Issues course which included this model of treatment.

My path led to my holding the position of the Domestic Abuse Consultant at Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services for 13 years. It was during my tenure there that I learned about trauma treatment from Bessel van der Kolk, MD, who taught senior staff about the treatment of PTSD so that we could train other staff. Learning this cogent model for treating trauma was a valued and critical experience that I quickly incorporated into my work in my private practice with individuals and couples. I was lucky enough to have many opportunities to hone my craft to what it is today.

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