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Letizia Adorno
Wendy Freund, MSEd., LCSW
Office Location Office Location — East Village, Manhattan


245 East 13th St. LOWR
New York, NY 10003–5680
(between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

Phone Number


Modes of Treatment
Individual, Couples, Group, Family, Telemental Health

Age Range of Patients
Young adult through senior citizen

Insurance Accepted

Fee Range
Sliding scale

Adoption, Adoption Search and Reunion, Anxiety Certification, Creativity Challenges, Depression, Disabilities, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Issues, Infertility, Interpersonal Issues, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Separation and Divorce, Women's Issues

Therapeutic Modalities

Additional Certification or Specialized Training
LCSW, NASW Continuing Education Recognition Program, Certificate in Group Preparation for Foster and/or Adoptive Parents: Model Approaches to Partnership in Parenting, Certificate in Supervision, Fordham University, Telemental Health Certification

NASW, NY State Society of Clinical Social Workers, Psychworks NY, American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network
Personal Statement

Do you wake up feeling a sense of dread? Do you feel that you have gotten derailed somewhere in your life? Do you feel that you get in your own way when trying to build a strong career and improve your relationships? Through careful listening, I help people understand themselves, improve the quality of their lives, and feel better.

I began my psychotherapy practice in 1987. I worked with individuals, couples and families in downtown Manhattan. From the start, I had several clients involved in the visual and performing arts who were looking to breathe new life into their creative process. Therapy helped them move past blocks that were both psychological and creative, and they became more productive.

Many of the people I saw struggled with core issues concerning relationships in the home and workplace. Working with couples and families allows me to bring the partners into the room and begin conversations that are difficult and have been avoided. This brings the people into closer understanding and allows them to work together in new ways. I have also worked with people who were trying to understand difficult issues involving sexual orientation.

In 1989 I extended my own career and began working as an adoption supervisor at the New York Foundling. Part of my job involved helping people obtain their background and medical information. Soon my work at the Foundling was fully involved with record information and the search and reunion process; I counseled many clients on various aspects of this process, and my experiences informed my private practice as well. In 2012 I left the New York Foundling to pursue my practice full time.

I have both written and participated in many speaking engagements about adoption and search and reunion throughout my career. My website: gives more detailed information about my work in adoption and also offers a list of resources for people interested in adoption. I am also an advocate for opening access to the original birth certificates for people who have been adopted.

Presently, I see clients who are interested in understanding their own needs and in clarifying their goals in life. Some are members of the adoption triad (birth parent, adoptive parent, or person who has been adopted) but many are not. Psychotherapy is an educational, interpersonal, and emotional process that demands hard work from both the client and the therapist. As I listen to people's stories, I wonder about the parts of the narrative that are not fully fleshed out. In working through the missing pieces, the client can develop a richer understanding of their past and how that involved into the present; but while insight is helpful, it needs to help the individual change and grow so that they make better decisions in the future. It is truly a privilege to be part of the psychotherapeutic process.

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