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8 Continuing Education Credits Available
For Mary Anne Cohen's book, Treating the Eating Disorder Self

Mary Anne Cohen, LCSW, BCD
NASW Press announces Mary Anne Cohen's book, the Eating Disorder Self, is now available for 8 continuing education credits:
You do not have to be a member of NASW to receive these credits, but you do have to sign in online as a guest.

Treating the Eating Disorder Self: Description

Mary Anne Cohen, Director of The New York Center for Eating Disorders, announces the publication of her third book on the treatment of eating disorders, Treating the Eating Disorder Self, published by The National Association of Social Work Press.

Integrating over 200 case examples from her 40 years of practice, Cohen explores the inner and outer worlds of the binge eater, bulimic, and anorexic. The book delves into the inner world of frozen grief, depression, trauma, and the fear of success. She investigates the role of attachment theory in the creation of eating disorders, how to conduct an eating disorder evaluation, how to blend psychotherapy and cognitive–behavioral strategies, and the role of medication. She describes the necessary ingredients for a healing therapeutic relationship illustrating how the therapist–patient relationship—with its sharing of tears and laughter—can make treatment a deeply healing experience.

She demonstrates how clinicians can develop multicultural, gender, and social media competency. Literacy in these three areas brings us a deeper understanding of the eating disorder patient and how to intervene to modify the harmful effects. Therapy examples with African American, Latino, Muslim, Asian, Orthodox Jews, and Native Americans are discussed.

Ms. Cohen believes every person's eating disorder is as unique as a fingerprint. She shows therapists how to create an Individualized and Comprehensive Treatment Approach to help patients break the chains of emotional eating and body image distress.

To read the first chapter of this book, click:

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