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          Phyllis Lowinger, LCSW

Workshop for Adoptive Parents: Stepping Into Your Adolescent's Shoes
A workshop to meet with other parents as your daughter/sons will be or already is a teenager.The purpose of this workshop is to provide an intimate setting to help parents by adoption with the developmental complexities of parenting an adopted adolescent.

I. The seven core issues of adoption for parents and their children.
II. The Normative Developmental Stages for the Adoptive Family.
III The similarities and differences between adolescents who are adopted from adolescents who are not adopted.
IV Developing an environment that fosters open communication.

Location 49 West 86th Street New York, New York 10024
Date: Wednesday May 9 2018 Time: 7:00 pm- 9 pm
Fee: $90 Payment due in advance

Contact Information:
Leanne Jaffee 917 254 4508
Phyllis Lowinger, LCSW 212 666 3400 Phyllow@gmail

This workshop will led by therapists with expertise in adoption as well as having a personal connection to adoption.

Leanne Jaffee, MA, LCSW practices individual and family psychotherapy with children, teens and adults specializing in adoption and alternatively formed families. She has developed adoption-based curricula-led training's for parents, social workers, educators, and administrators at agencies and schools in the New York metro area. She has been a regular presenter at the Adoptive Parents Committee Annual Conference, ACONE, Spence Chapin, St. John's University Bi-annual Adoption Conference, Calhoun School.

Phyllis Lowinger, LCSW has been in private practice for over 30 years specializing in infertility, alternative family building options including adoption and third party reproduction. Many of the clients that she has worked with have continued focusing on personal, marital and parenting issues. She has presented at workshops and conferences including the 92nd Street Y, Harvard Adoption conference, American Adoption Congress. She has written articles for magazines and was featured in the documentary "Adoption: We Can Do Better" in the segment: Infertility: A Complicated Loss.

Penny Partridge, MSW Guest Poet: Penny is both an adopted person and parent by adoption. Since the 1970's, she has worked to foster communication across the adoption community. She has written clinical articles on the adoptee experience but is best known as a Poet Laureate of the adoption community.