Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York

A Message from Our Director Autumn 2009


Our website is now a year old!

We are continuing to work to improve the site-and our collective-by adding new members with varied experience and training.

We take pride in the clinicians who have joined our group. These men and women represent some of the most experienced and talented psychotherapists in the greater New York City area.

We are also very pleased to host a website we feel is “cutting edge”. Our members are committed to keeping their biographies current-and are continuously contributing articles and other items of interest to our news section.

We hope you find our website a valuable tool to help you find the right therapist and to learn about who we are.

We welcome feedback about our group, our site and this section. Please contact me at, or call the PTCNY office at 212-982-8835.

Yours truly,

Judith Gringorten, LCSW-R, ACSW, CGP
Executive Director, PTCNY