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New York

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PTCNY's CEU-Approved Courses
Click this link for a comlete list of CEU-approved courses offered by PTCNY.

This area of our website is intended to be a focal point for our membership.

Log in here to the PTCNY Slack Group to see what your colleagues are talking about, find (or post) office space listings, begin a discussion topic, exchange referral information and more. Log in here: PTCNY Slack Group

REMINDER TO MEMBERS — New Site Verifications
As you have time, we would appreciate if you could check:

      • Your bio — make updates and changes as necessary.
      You may also add office or street location photos if you like.

     • Your blurb on the Find a Therapist page
      Please change the blurb if you like but please keep it short.

     Please also check your listings on the Therapists by Specialty pages
     to be sure you are included in all the right categories.

Please send any changes directly to Judy Gringorten either by direct link on Slack or by Email.