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Become a Member
Join a group of motivated mental health care professionals whose range of experience is wide and extensive.

As a Member of PTCNY, you will enjoy the benefits of belonging to a broad but not overwhelmingly-large group of like-minded professionals.

You will have access to topical news of interest, CEU course offerings as well as papers and books written by our members.
Of course, you will be welcome to contribute as well.

In addition, you will enjoy membership in a lively and engaged member's online workspace where you can reach out to other members to:
    ❏ Seek or provide referral information,
    ❏ Stay curent on topical mental health events,
    ❏ Exchange critical information regarding insurance,
    ❏ Keep on top of current CEU course offerings.

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  Robin Halpern, LCSW, DCSW — Assistant Director
Special Projects Coordinator: Leslie Goldstein, LCSW, BCD
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