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Allen Bergson, LCSW

As of January 2015, New York State Licensed Social Workers (LMSW's and LCSW's) now need to accrue continuing education credits to renew their licenses. All continuing education credits must be earned from New York State Office of Professions approved courses. We are very pleased to announce that among our membership, we have uniquely qualified professionals who have, or are in the process of formulating and presenting courses that have been approved for New York State Continuing Education Credits.

We have established a "TRAINING PAGE" which interested professionals may access in order to see what courses have been developed by our staff-and when and where they are being presented. Please note that since this is a new licensing requirement our list of trainers and courses is limited-but will be growing quickly! Please check back with us for updates.

Judith Gringorten, Executive Director
The Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York is an alliance of highly trained, licensed and experienced psychotherapists dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations cope with a wide range of mental health issues. We offer a central site to help you search for the right psychotherapist for your needs.

For our professional colleagues, we have an extensive list of supervisors.

February, 2016