Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York


Arleen Bandler, LCSW, Announces Two New Groups Now In Formation At Her Nyack, NY Office

  1. Married Lesbian Group
    This group is for women married to men but are attracted to women,
    Reasonable fee
    For more information call (845) 353-4194
  2. Lesbian ‘COME OUT’
    Group Group for women who are coming out as lesbian or questioning their sexuality,
    Reasonable fee
    For more information call (845) 353-4194

Jacqueline Fish, LCSW, Announces Two Groups to Take Place at Her Office in Union Square, Manhattan, NY

  1. Mother/Daughter Group
    Group will begin in late spring 2008 at her Union Square, Manhattan, NY office. The group is slated for eight consecutive weeks on Thursdays at 6 pm. Mothers, step-mothers or mothers-in-law and daughters ages twenty plus are invited to join the group effort to understand each other and improve meaningful emotional communication.
    The group will be facilitated by two leaders, each of whom
    represents two generations of the group constituents,
    For more information call (212) 243-4630
  2. Group For Men And Women Ages Twenty-Five To Forty-Five
    This is an open-ended group aimed at enhancing one’s personal life by improving self-awareness and emotional communication,
    Meeting time: Mondays 6pm
    For more information call (212) 243-4630

Susan I. Frankel, LCSW, BCD, CGP, Announces Two Groups to take Place in Her Office on The Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY

  1. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Group is seeking new members.
    Mature adults, ages forties through sixties who are interested in self-understanding and emotional communication in relationships,
    Meeting time: Thursdays 7:30-9 pm
    For more information call (212) 866-5756
  2. Heterogeneous Group in Formation
    Men and women ages twenty through forties.
    Focus on emotional growth in work and personal relationships and resolving family of origin issues,
    Meeting time: Tuesdays 6:30-7:45 pm

Rosemary Lavinski, LCSW Announces Two Groups in Formation at Her Office in Lower Manhattan, NY

  1. Six session Career Group
    Exploring Career Options: Your interests, values and possible career choices. Practice interview skills and learn how to network. Review of resumes and cover letters,
    Meeting time: Mondays 7:45-9:30 pm
  2. On-going Psychotherapy group is seeking new members for those who want to improve their communication skills, get feedback from peers and make changes in their lives. This work often accelerates progress in one’s individual psychotherapy.
    Joining group requires a three-month commitment,
    For more information call (718) 783-4295

Helen Morris, LCSW is Seeking New Members for the Following Three Groups:

  1. On-Going Psychotherapy Group for Men and Women Ages 25 – 50. Focus is the many and varied issuesthat arise in relationships and at work.
    Meeting time: Monday 7:30-8:45
    Location: Upper West Side, Manhattan, N.Y.
    For more information call (212) 595-4868
  2. 12 Session Support Group for Women 50+ is being formed. Focus is the various issues that are on center stage at this time of life, e.g., medical, physical and emotional well-being, money, work, sexuality, relationships, elder care, aging and loss.
    Meeting time: Wednesday 7:30-8:45
    For more information call (212) 595-5868
  3. Support Group for People with Chronic Illness is in Formation. Men and women who have cancer, auto- immune diseases, coronary disease, diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses have many feelings and concerns in common. This group provides an opportunity to share personal issues, experiences and perspectives.
    Time and date TBA
    For more information call (212) 595-4868