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Michael Portelli, LCSW-R
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113 University Place
10th Fl. Suite 1011
New York, NY 10003

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During the initial session, many of my patients express similar problematic issues: "Why am I so angry all the time? Why did I react that way when that person said that? Why am I being treated this way? Did I do something to encourage this treatment? I can't seem to keep a healthy relationship going. I don't understand myself and why I keep repeating the same mistakes! As an adult, why do I now have strong negative feelings about my parents and my childhood?!" These are some issues we could address in the exciting journey that is psychotherapy.

I specialize in relationships. Many of my patients have a lot of anger toward their parents. Unfortunately, these feelings often get expressed inappropriately in their intimate relationship, sabotaging a relationship they would rather sustain. How can you nurture a relationship rather than destroy one? This we can work on in therapy. I work in an interpersonal, relational way. Have you ever had someone focus entirely on you, your process and interests for 45 minutes? This kind of focused attention is unusual and can bring about interesting results. Hopefully, you will leave each session feeling more accepting and curious about yourself