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Hank Blumfarb, LCSW

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185 West End Avenue, Suite 1-C
New York, NY 10023

Phone Number: 212-877-1084

email: selfcarematters@verizon.netm


I have been in clinical practice since 1979. I have taught and published in the field and have appeared on radio and television.

I have a solid foundation in the various psychoanalytic depth psychologies and psycho-neuro-biological perspectives. I have been integrating Buddhist and Yoga psychologies and practices over the last fifteen years.

One of the outcomes of my personal and professional journey is the development of my center: SELF~CARE MATTERS: CREATING SPACE for POSSIBILITIES. My aim is to assist individuals to recognize and appreciate the EXTRAORDINARY in the ORDINARY in meeting the challenges in their daily lives. The journey involves developing and maintaining the capacity to continually improve one's functioning in the various Self~Care domains (body, mind & spirit).