Story of How It Feels To Be Told That You Were Adopted at the Age of Four

By Phyllis Lowinger, LCSW

Hi my name is Deborah but I like to be called Debbie. I go to the Science School at I.S. 44. There are many different schools in I.S. 44.

I am always told that the Science School is the best school but I don't think so. I think that all the schools are the same. This is the story about me, school, and me being adopted.

I first heard that I was adopted when I was four years old. The minute I heard that I was adopted my body felt all cold inside. I asked my mom, "What does adopted mean?" and she told me that adopted means that I did not come from her stomach but I came from another woman's stomach. After she told me that I started to cry. Then she told me that even though I didn't come from her stomach, I came from her heart. She said that when I was four years old.

Now I'm eleven years old and some of my friends are adopted and so are two of my cousins. My friends and cousins don't know their birth mother but they know their names. I know my birth mom's name and where she lives and how she looks and her phone number. I'm very lucky to be with this family now, for I would not know anything about my birth mom. All I would know is her name. Or I would not know her name. My mom that I live with now is named Phyllis Lowinger. Some of you might know her or have heard of her and some of you have not. If you would like to adopt, you can call her at home or at work. Her phone number is (212) 666-3400.

Story by Debbie 6th Grader at I.S. 44 Science School Written in 1995

With permission from Debbie, I have reprinted this story.

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