Psychotherapy and Training Collective of New York

Adoption Search and Reunion

by Wendy Freund, MSEd., LCSW,

The world of adoption is changing as more and more people explore the world of openness. 95% of agencies offer an option to do an open adoption and most birth mothers experience the relief that comes with not having to sign a final surrender or have their right to contact completely terminated. Adoptees have access to information about their birth families and adoptive parents no longer have to hold family secrets. Nevertheless, the world of search and reunion continues on as we struggle to change the laws to bring them up to speed with the new realities of Facebook and the Internet.

I have presented at several conferences this year and am proud to work with these groups:

"How to Incorporate Search and Reunion with Birth Parents into Psychotherapy with Adoptees." Adoption/Foster Care Therapist Network Presentation

"Search and Reunion," Ametz Adoption Program: Adoption and Family Conference (JCCA)

"Adoption Search and Reunion: A Historical and Personal Journey." St. John's University 7th Biennial Conference: Adoption Initiatives

"Adoption Search and Reunion." APC Conference November 18, 2012 (Adoptive Parents Committee).